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Fall Colors coming
Climbing in CaliSo, the time has come. Taking the next step is always daunting. Last year I decided to become a part of the solution and invested myself into the Union International Association 'd Alpinism (UIAA). Becoming part of the Ice Climbing Commission as a Full Member wasn't enough. I was as ...
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It doesn't matter if you are black, white, yellow, or brown. Profiling is ILLEGAL in the USA. Over the past two months I've had a neighbor move in who swore that I was climbing in my rock climbing gym at all hours (even past midnight), simply to be intrusive and annoying to her. No that I have a lot ...
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A climber dangles from a roof in the San Juan mountains near Ouray, Colorado.
  ICE MIXED GRADESGrades have since become a contentious issue. Here's my take:Since Jeff Lowe set the first proper mixed rock and ice climb in Vail, Colorado, “Octopussy”, and was given the grade of M8 (mixed 8), people climbed “like” routes and the grades were similar. Then Will ...
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Beverly World Cup Kirov 2013
Having climbed ice since the 90’s, I barely touch the medium these days as it’s now simply a small part of the mixed regime. As with all disciplines of climbing, there is evolution. When leash-less tools began the mixed climbing rage, I made the decision to get involved.Jeff Lowe needed help ...
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Mark Beverly in the qualifying session during UIAA IWC in Busten
Where/When: Sochi, Russia, 23-24 Feb 2014Ice climbing will be making a debut at the Winter Olympics. It's the hope of the UIAA that an Olympic Movement and demonstration at the Olympic Village will help spark the Olympic Flame to become a full-medal sport in 2018.North America (and the Western Hemis ...
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Welcome to the newly renovated BMG web site ! As you can see, we are in the process of transferring and updating a massive amount of information to our new site, so please be patient with us during this transition time.Obviously, since the first snow in September, people already have the AVI ...
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