AIARE 1 and 2 Courses NM 2012-2013

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The Tips and Tools You Need to Stay Alive When Skiing the Backcountry By Jakob Schiller

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National Geographic | Into the Lost Crystal Caves | MEXICO

We worked with National Geographic in the early part of December, 2010 in a remote part of Mexico to film some of the most unique footage ever taken underground. A new, virgin cave that has never been explored house some of the Earth’s largest gypsum crystals in a vertical cavern some 300 meters down. The temperatures were be excruciatingly hot.

Our crew was on-location, had a great time, and everyone came home safe.


PRESS RELEASE Oct 10, 2010

National Geographic unveiled the expedition and followed us through a series of caves in the spectacular caves under EXTREME conditions in the mountains of north-central Mexico. You can catch the previews by clicking here ,
and you can see the entire episode in any language on the National Geographic Channel !!!