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La Luz Trail, Sandias, NM


NM Backcountry skiing is awesome

It’s true, some of the best skiing you’ll ever have is in the backcountry where we can take you on a backcountry ski or ski

mountaineering tour in New Mexico. We’re out there ski guiding in New Mexico and Colorado all winter and well into the spring even after the lifts have closed for the season. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy backcountry skiing. Ski New Mexico with some of New Mexico’s best backcountry ski guides.

We guide backcountry skiing, back country snow boarding, split boarding, and out of bounds adventure skiing in Santa Fe New Mexico and in the San Juan Mountains in Southern Colorado. Skiing in the Southwest is awesome for several reasons. Storms roll in and out, leaving blue skies and good visibility. New MExico Skiers enjoy light and fluffy powder in the mid winter and great corn skiing in the spring. And most of all, the solitude and adventure of the spirit of the Southwest that only New Mexico can offer.



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Thenar Chute, West Face Sandia Mountains, NM


Berner Oberland, Switzerland

Take a trip to Alaska, Europe, South America, or Asia with us for some great and memorable experiences skiing on glaciated terrain without the high costs of heli skiing.

Ski Mountaineering in the Chugach Mountain Range of Alaska houses some of the best skiing in the world. Whether it’s a day outing or a week long “high and wild” trip, contact us and let us help you make the trip of the year !

Winter is one of the best times to be in the mountains and backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering can get you out to have that great experience. We guide winter ascents and descents from many incredible summits in New Mexico, Colorado, Alaska, and the European Alps. Knowing how to get around, what equipment to use and how to avert the dangers of avalanches is only part of the picture, but you can definitely sign up for one of our world-class AIARE avalanche courses to learn more about it.


Equipment List

We’re out there skiing all winter and well into the spring even after the lifts have closed for the year. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy backcountry skiing.

Beverly Mountain Guides is one of the ONLY Dynafit dealers in the state of NM, and one of the only qualified Dynafit binding mounters in the area.

“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get back up.” – Vince Lombardi
Our skiing and ski mountaineering guides will be there to help you get back up if you fall in the snow !

***NEW*** Reinfjord, Norway – guided skiing with personal avalanche education..and the journey of a lifetime
This trip is for the adventurous guest who seeks all that is wholesome in the adventure of backcountry skiing and for the love of the unknown. Read our recent dispatch!

kvænangenstindenCertainly the appeal of Reinfjord it that it is Wild, Isolated, unexplored, and WE know how to access it 😉 The current limiting factor in the greater area is beds. We can attest to the fact that people are hungry for the skiing there.

One photo is taken from the beach in Reinfjord (none of those lines have been skied yet, trodden is not how you can describe Reinfjord). Across the fjord in the distance you can just make out the sawteeth of Kvænangen. In the lower picture is us finishing some mixed climbing and preparing for a first descent from Kvænangen. Aside from the many customer friendly routes in the area is an overwhelming amount of terrain that excites those looking for some technical fun.


According to a summer rock climbing guide of sorts to the area, he describes some of the routes that have been explored in the past. The local glaciers are not as “vertical” as they are in the alps… but Jøkelfjord glacier does calv into the fjord (the only European glacier to do so).

From a historical note:
Currently the situation with the fish cannery is a bit unsure. The building is massive, and requires an extensive rebuild, not to mention the large amounts of asbestos abatement needed on-site. I am trying to get responses from local officials on some rumors of “clean-up orders” that may exist on the property, and get estimates for asbestos remediation. However, I have a number of contacts with locals and can easily arrange houses to stay in. Where I stayed this March has for example 10 sleeping places, and a large common area. The owner is going to install a hot tub and sauna with an updated porch soon. So, in the meantime while I work on the physical lodge, exploring the viability of Reinfjord as a tourist destination, and working out the food concept that will occur at other overnighting places in Reinfjord.


Obviously, you should get on-board while the gettin is good. It very rare that you come across such motivation in development, and on such a grand scale. Let us help you have an adventure to be remembered with great lines, beautiful views, and a feeling of an enduring sense of pioneering.