Be organized and prepared to go with our standardized Strike Rescue Kits. Each kit has a specific purpose and is readily deployable in Pelican Cases to go anywhere in the world in a moments notice.

We formulate our kits with the most up-to-date materials and equipment on the market. All of the shopping has been done and you or your team will have everything they need to perform rescues.

Breakdown of Strike Rescue Kits:

Team Kits

  • General High Angle
  • Rock module
  • Winter
  • High Line Kits
  • Swift Water kits
  • Individual Kits

You’ll want the Individual Kit for every member of your team.

We update our kits regularly based on equipment changes and upgrades, but we will follow up to make sure that your kits are always up-to-date.


Where are these kits useful?

Fire Departments that want to perform non-urban/wilderness rescue, military operations, Search and Rescue teams, tower rescue, personal, etc.

Organization goes a long way in speeding up the process of a rescue. Strike Rescue Kits are exactly what you need.

Strike Rescue is a distributor of:


Individual Kits

It’s always a chore to figure out what to bring. Just grab your Individual SR kit and go instead of malingering and wasting time. Some of these items must be custom fitted to your specifications, so please call to place your order.


Swift Water Kit

Specifically requested for us to assemble, this kit is the best quiver for the canyon responder. Run-off season isn’t the only time that this kit is handy.


High Line Kit

Specific for building high lines in ares that need alternative methods of technical access. We understand that this kit may be the only chance for pulling off a rescue when there are no other options. That’s why we put what you need into this kit to make it happen.

  • Ropes
  • Pulleys
  • Anchor material
  • Option of a pneumatic line gun or lightweight sling launcher
  • Prusiks
  • More

High Angle Kit

The Strike Rescue High Angle Kit is the link where all team members come together to effect a rescue. Flip the lid on this fully-deployable anywhere-anytime kit, and get moving. No more rifling through mass amounts of gear or wondering if you have what you need.

We use super light weight titanium litters. Please contact us about your individualized kit. We make the kit to order and offerNFPA rating, a choice of soft goods and hardware, upon request. This is your one-stop shop.



  • Long rope
  • Short Ropes
  • Pulleys – large and small
  • Prusiks
  • Carabiners
  • Rescue rated lowering device
  • Anchor materials
  • Edge Protection
  • Air and water sealed case
  • More

Engineer your kit today by contacting us or click here to purchase a standard kit:


Photos for demonstration only.

Rock Module Kit

So just lowering over an easy edge isn’t enough for your team? Then get ready to rock with our awesome Rock Module Kit. This is the full ticket to make sure you’ll never need to worry about your anchors or how you will gain access to a subject when your rescue approach is from the ground or in any direction.

This equipment is bold and lasting. The latest and lightest industrial-grade materials are included in our drilling and bolting supplies.



Winter Team Kit

Strike Rescue Winter Team Kit

Not all items are shown

The Winter Team Kit comes as a supplemental module to the Individual Winter Kit for a 2-6 person team. The great deployable-anywhere organized Pelican Case gives piece of mind that the equipment will arrive in good condition and ready-to-go.

Teams should be able to perform glacier travel as well as moderate to hard ice routes using this equipment.

Instruction from professionals is required prior to use of any Strike Rescue Kit or equipment.

  • Pickets
  • Ice Screws
  • Multi-hook ice threading device for abalakov anchors
  • Brooks-Range Professional Guide Snow Kit (updated 2007 )
  • Ruler
  • Mag lens
  • Laser etched black metal crystal card
  • Guide’s trap or tent (choice)
  • more

There’s extra room for other specific adjunct team gear. Call for pricing and updated materials.