Open and custom courses:

Strike Rescue-Training/Courses are designed for the intelligent rescuer. No matter what level of training you have had in the past, Strike Rescue Courses are designed to meet your team or personal goals. Since much of what Strike Rescue teaches is predicated on our own research, Strike Rescue-Training/Courses are geared towards a realistic Real-World approach, and not on fear-based dogma. Our courses may not allow you to pass a certification for an institutional-based exam, but it will indeed help the rescuer deal with real world problems in a rational and efficient manner when it really matters.

Although most of our courses are privately contracted courses, we do have open enrollment courses, or courses that have an open enrollment status for one or two open slots. So check back regularly to see what’s available.

Military, SOF and Agency Rope Access Training
Strike Rescue instructors come from varied backgrounds. Strike Rescue can train your agency how to safely move through any vertical terrain. Whether on the side of a building or on a mountain escarpment we can teach you the appropriate tactics, techniques, and procedures so you can return home safely.

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