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2013 is very exciting ! We are presently contracted with the University of New Mexico School of Medicine EMSA to provide the backbone of terrestrial rescue. This is an integral part of the International Degree of Mountain Medicine from the only school in the Western Hemisphere offering this prestigious UIAA, IKAR and the ISSM.


SR and the EMS Academy are partnering to provide university semester based terrestrial rope rescue courses for certificate and degree students. This course is intended for BS students completing the Austere and Mountain Medicine degree track and also for medical professionals (Physicians, Paramedics and Nurses) who participate in mountain recreation or are mountain professionals such as guides or Mountain Rescue personnel. This course will take place over a 16-week period and will include lecture, discussion, and hands on experience to include skill/scenario stations in a mountain setting (summer and winter environments). This coursework emphasizes technical rope work application to mountain, cave, fire and industrial rescue. Students will leave this course with a deep understanding of rope and rigging systems, system components and the execution of technical rope rescue. An extremely well qualified faculty, with professional experience that includes Paramedics, Physicians, Physician Assistants, Internationally Certified Mountain Guides, and PhD Qualified Physicists, provides and maintains an expansive knowledge base that underlies course curriculum. Students who successfully complete this coursework will receive Certification in American Institution of Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE 1) certification. Registration for this course is through the EMSA.

Although most of our courses are privately contracted courses, we do have open enrollment courses, or courses that have an open enrollment status for one or two open slots. So check back regularly to see what’s available.

Military, SOF and Agency Rope Access Training
Strike Rescue instructors come from varied backgrounds. Strike Rescue can train your agency how to safely move through any vertical terrain. Whether on the side of a building or on a mountain escarpment we can teach you the appropriate tactics, techniques, and procedures so you can return home safely.

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