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Although it appears improbable from afar, ice climbing and mixed rock and ice climbing are well within the grasp of the beginner, perhaps more so than rock climbing. The technology advances made in the last decade allow for many people to experience crystal cathedrals of ice grandeur. Learning the basics is essential, but there’s nothing as fun as ice climbing with ice tools. Learning how to ice climb with us will make you a far better all around climber.

Our ice climbing guides have world class experience and have competed in UIAA Mixed Rock and Ice World Cup Climbing Competitions in South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, France, and Romania. Locally, Marc has competed and taught at the Ouray Ice Competition/Festival, and the incredible Bozeman Ice Breaker/Festival, and home of the only Ice World Cup in the Western Hemisphere. We know what it takes to become excellent at climbing ice. We want to share our experience with you and we want you to succeed and accomplish your ice climbing goals.


BMG ice climbing guides know what it means to combine the mental and physical attributes to succeed.
Exciting locations in the United States and abroad ! Including Ouray, and Durango, Colorado.

Vertical ice ascents are a great way to prepare for larger objectives and will make you more secure on the medium in a hurry. Stellar classics are within your reach.

  • Improve your technique
  • Get focused on better general movement
  • Learn about the most up to date information on ice anchors
  • Dial in your footwork
  • Take away pointers for learning how to manage stressors of ice climbing
  • Sweeten your ice axe throw

Ice climbing forces you to focus on the “here and now” as it demands all of your attention. This form of climbing is certainly different than rock climbing and it offers its own rewards. Winter is a great time to get out and experience the mountains.

Some of our venues for Ice Climbing Instruction:
New Mexico
Sandia Mountains
Jemez Mountains

Taos Area


Valdez ice and ski combo – get your game on !!!

Ouray Colorado
Silverton Colorado
Durango Colorado


Contact us for insights around Cranbrook and Canmore.

Alps: Switzerland, Italy, Austria, China, & more… “it’s just fun”




Ice Climbing

This is perhaps one of THE BEST INTERVIEWS of any ice climber…ever.  I had the privilege, as a fellow competition ice climbing competitor, to ask the right questions of the best ice competition ice climber, Markus Bendler.  His reply: “You have to be strong in the mind to climb ice falls…if you lose the power, then you lose the power in your mind, you need both.” – Markus Bendler in an interview with Marc Beverly at midnight after the Saas-Fee UIAA World Cup Ice Climbing Competition, 2011. Cheers, Markus, keep it real, amigo!