What IS Strike Rescue?

Strike Rescue (SR) is a rescue training company as well as an equipment supply company. SR concentrates on training and equipping teams to effectively respond to and execute rescues.

Sterile training environments lead to complacency and decreased safety on real missions. Our real-world scenarios on multi-pitch terrain reinforce good techniques and increase confidence.

Strike Rescue Kits are specifically designed for the team as well as the team’s working environment. The kits are customized and tailored to your needs. These kits will help you stay organized and ready for quick response. Ideally, we provide courses that utilize these kits in conjunction. Discounts apply for combination kit }+ course purchases.

SR is a government contract agency (Wide Area Work Flow –WAWF approved with CAGE and DUNS).


Our instructors experience:
UIAGM/IFMGA Internationally Licensed and Certified Mountain Guide
college degrees
military experience
NFPA and Fire Rescue
medical backgrounds from WFR and WEMT-Paramedic I/C to Physician Assistant and MD.

Our staff also has extensive mountain rescue experience and has provided training across the country for both volunteer and professional groups.

Strike Rescue staff have performed and presented some of the best award winning research in the rescue and climbing community since 2004.

We are the leader in instrumentation and real-world application research in climbing, mountaineering, and rescue configurations.[/one_third]

Strike Rescue Training

Research shows that fast and efficient rescues have better outcomes. Strike Rescue’s focus is clear: we have taken the best ideas in rescue technology, constantly improved on them, and created the most effective systems approach in technical rescue.

Our training utilizes an evidence-based approach from the technical rescue, outdoor manufacturing, and mountain guide industries as well as from the clinical medical and exercise physiology fields. It is important to understand the implications of technical rope rescue and human physiology as they are inseparable.

Strike Rescue is not protocol-driven technical rescue. Rather, our training employs a basic skills set that the rescuer can then draw from depending on mission requirements. Our training is tailored to meet the unique needs of your team.

Our techniques are based on scientific research and experience, not dogma, which is the world-recognized standard. The evolution of rescue is here.

Read more about our Profile here.

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